Monday, January 5, 2015

Reminder for 1/7/15

Good Morning STARS:
Just a reminder Senior STARS that we have a Senior Clinic on Wednesday, January 7 at the WEST RESORT!! Don’t forget we will be inside at the Big Pines Lodge at 8:15 am for sign in.  For those who have attended the clinic last year and have an Express Pass from last year just go ahead and go to to purchase online your lesson and lift ticket and rentals if needed.
We have 12-24 inches of snow at the mountain and with cooler temps we will be making some NEW snow. So make sure you bring a smile on your face and remember what group you were in last year.
This Wednesday should be a blast!!
For those who are NEW to the program, you will find the registration form at the ticket window or you can receive one in the Big Pines Lodge at 8:15 am. You will need to fill it out and take to the TICKET WINDOW with your ID. There you will receive your Express Pass ($5.00 fee) so you will be ready to purchase your lesson, lift ticket or rentals online from the comfort of your own home next week.
Remember the ski and snowboard groups that you are in are very flexible. If you feel you need to move a little faster we can move you up to that group. Or if you want to move slower, talk with your instructor or myself and we will accommodate you too. We want you to have the BEST experience possible. More information on our Senior Program can be found at
Have a great week,
 Ski u later,