Wednesday, January 30, 2013

STARS Clinic 1/30/13

We had a great time today in our 4th Senior STARS Clinic. 62 Seniors participated in our lessons and we brought them not only great snow, blue sky and sunshine, but friendship too! Looks like next week will be a winner too, since we are expecting some NEW snow Sunday into Monday. Don't forget to RSVP prior to next Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week! Ski ya later... Bill

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hi STARS: We will be at the West Resort on Wednesday since the closure of East. We received 4 inches of NEW SNOW last night so coverage is excellent. We will have blue skies and sunshine. Please RSVP if you will be attending our STARS Clinic Wednesday, January 30th at the WEST RESORT. Special thanks to all Seniors who have RSVP’d already. After you purchase your lift ticket and lesson, we will meet in the Big Pines Lodge at the West Resort. I will be checking Seniors in at 8:15 am and we will have our Indoor clinic beginning at 9:00 am. We will hit the snow at 9:30. So bring a smile and we will have a great time!! We have added a NEW communication tool for you as we have our own Facebook page. Check it out and “like” it too. Ski ya Wednesday, Bill

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi STARS: Just a reminder for our 4th Senior STARS clinic of this season here at Mountain High. We will probably be at the WEST RESORT this Wednesday, January 30th due to the closure of the East Resort. But we will be skiing and riding and know we will have a great time! Last week we had 49 seniors participate in our STARS Program. That means we are averaging 56 seniors each week. We are up 77% from last year! I have always been told if you “build a great program and deliver it” seniors will come. Looks like we are on the right track. Thank you to all you Seniors who make our Wednesday’s the BEST here at Mountain High Resort! IF THERE IS A CHANGE WHERE WE HOLD WEDNESDAY’S CLINIC I WILL EMAIL YOU MONDAY NIGHT! Please RSVP so we can make sure we have the right number of instructors to meet your needs. Don’t forget to check out the photos from last week and all the past weeks at Take a look at one of our STARS groups. Ski ya Wednesday, Bill

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What a beautiful day we had on our third STARS clinic! There were 49 Senior STARS that participated in our clinic. We started everything off with information on rocker skis by Ron Parody.This clinic was suggested by one of our Seniors. As Seniors were talking with their instructors, we got to meet our NEW Senior STARS before we hit the chair. Enjoy your group photo. Looks like on January 30th we will have blue skies and plenty of sunshine and maybe some NEW snow. I can't wait till next Wednesday!!Don't forget to RSVP!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just a reminder about our SENIOR PROGRAM STARS CLINIC this coming Wednesday, January 23rd at the East Resort. Plan to get there a little early so you can purchase your ticket so you will be on time for your lesson. We will meet in the Angeles Crest Cafe at 8:15 am. The weather has been perfect with the high temperatures in the mid 50's and crystal clear blue skies. Snow coverage is excellent! We will have another bluebird day this WEDNESDAY! Please RSVP prior to our clinic. Thanks.... you all are appreciated!! Ski ya later, Bill

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

STARS East Resort 1/16/13

Hi STARS: What a beautiful day we had today at the East Resort! Blue sky, plenty of sunshine and great snow! 57 Seniors took part in our second clinic of the season. More than 50 per cent of you STARS purchase your lesson and lift ticket online. Sure is easier from the comfort of your home purchasing what you need instead of standing in line, isn't? Don't forget to check out the retail store at West Resort and East Resort. There are a lot of nice jackets, helmets and gloves at reasonable prices. There isn't a Senior discount but if you have a season pass you receive 10% off non-sale retail items. Next Wednesday, January 23rd we should have plenty of groomed runs and maybe some soft snow to ski and ride. Have a great rest of the week...check out all the photos from today below. If you are having problems logging in to purchase your lesson and lift ticket, please email me with the specific issue and I will pass it on to Katie in our IS Department so it can be resolved. Also here is the group photo from today..Enjoy!! Ski ya later, Bill

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Evening STARS: Just a reminder Senior STARS that we have a Senior Clinic on Wednesday, January 16 at the EAST RESORT!! Don’t forget we will be inside at the Angeles Crest Lounge at 8:15 am. For those who have attended the clinic on January 9th and have registered for online purchases of lessons just go ahead and go to to purchase your lesson and lift ticket and rentals if needed. Just as I promised the snow conditions can’t get any better. We continue to make snow when the conditions are right and it looks we will have great snow for our clinic. So make sure you bring a smile on your face and remember what group you were in last week. This Wednesday should be a blast!! For those who did not attend the Senior clinic last week, attached you will find the registration form which you will need to fill out and take to the TICKET WINDOW AT THE EAST RESORT with your ID. There you will receive your Express Pass ($5.00 fee) so you will be ready to purchase your lesson, lift ticket or rentals online from the comfort of your own home next week. Remember the ski group you are in is very flexible. If you feel you need to move a little faster we can move you up to that group. Or if you want to move slower, talk with your instructor or myself and we will accommodate you too. We want you to have the BEST experience possible. Also don’t forget to check out the Senior Website for our latest photos from last week and also Senior Program STARS links. There you will find the online purchase link, STARS Video and much more. More information on our Senior Program can be found at Have a great week, PLEASE RSVP IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND WEDNESDAY’S JANUARY 16TH CLINIC by TUESDAY. Ski ya later, Bill

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

STARS East Resort 1/9/13

Hi STARS: Could not have been a better day today at Mountain High East Resort. Temperature was in the high 40’s and we had 63, yes 63 seniors take part in our first clinic of the season. Everyone got through registration without a hitch, we had an indoor clinic by our instructors, greeting from management and at 9:30 we hit the snow. Comments from our seniors and instructors were very positive and the use of the Discovery chair proved to be the greatest asset we have in teaching our seniors. We had great coverage and it looks like we will be receiving more snow this week. With temps dropping to record lows this weekend, this will be a great opportunity to make snow too. We had the privilege in meeting some wonderful NEW seniors to our program. Thanks to all seniors who came today. I know this is going to be a great Senior Program STARS season. Hope to see all of you on January 16th! Please do not forget to RSVP prior to our Wednesday clinic. Ski ya later, Bill