Sunday, November 13, 2016

Are you ready for the Senior STARS season ?

Welcome Back STARS!!
Just a note to let you know it is getting that time of the year to pull out your skis/snowboard and get them tuned for the upcoming season. We are all looking forward to the Senior Program STARS beginning its 8th year!!

Mt High is ready to open as of this week but we need to let Mother Nature take its course. Look for sometime in the next few weeks or so for the mountain to open. This will be a great snow season and I know you will have lots of fun in the STARS Program; I will guarantee it!

All us here at Mt High are anxious for the season to begin! Please mark your calendars for January 11, 2017 for the first day of our STARS clinics.

Don’t forget your skis/snowboards tuned and waxed so you will be ready to go this ski season. If you need any equipment for this season, please give Steve Crane a call, at Sports LTD in Woodland Hills. Let him know I sent you and you are in the STARS Program at Mountain High. I know he will take care of you.

His contact information is:

Sports LTD 22642 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills CA 91364

Make sure you call and set an appointment up with Steve.

I will be in touch with you in a couple of weeks.

Until then…

Ski u later,


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Update for STARS

Just a Saturday update on Mountain High and our STARS program for this season. As of today Mt High Resort is closed and time will tell if it reopens anytime soon. Though several El Nino storms have past through, we still do not have enough snow to reopen the mountain and this puts a damper on our Senior Program too.

With any luck…we will be able to get a few more STARS clinics in before April. Attached is a photo from last Monday when we received 5 inches of new snow. Looks great doesn’t it!

I will keep you informed as I receive information from the resort.

Until then…Ski u later,


Bill Teague, Supervisor
Winter Sports School - Mt. High Resort

"It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be fast. Just keep skiing and have a good time!"

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just want to let you know that our next STARS Clinic, Wednesday, February 24th will be cancelled due to snow conditions not the BEST for you Seniors. This does not mean the end of the season but a temporary hold on our program till we receive more natural snow.

I want to THANK each and every Senior who participated this season and your commitment does not go unnoticed by the instructors and me too. You are why we do this each week here at Mountain High. Most of you have been with us since the beginning, February 2010 and here we are in our 7th year. What a ride!!

We have almost completed 7 years of the program. From our eyes it has been a fantastic program and we want to make it even better next year. Please take a minute and email me one thing we can glow on (Positive) and one thing we can grow on (Improve). This will help us develop the necessary goals for next years program. Your input is so valuable, without it we cannot build the program.

I would like to personally thank the instructors who have been incredible this season dealing with all the changes we have had to endure to make this program work. This TEAM is OUTSTANDING and a pleasure to work along side each and every Wednesday. Without their commitment we could not meet the individual needs for you Seniors. Thanks.. Ron, Allan, Larry, John Ward, Mark, George D., Bruce, George M. Greg, Jon Smith and Jim Kennedy.

I also want to thank Ann in tickets, Tracy, and Katie for their continued support behind the scenes to make our program the BEST! Thanks ladies!

Our STARS Program would not have been possible without the complete support of management. In the past seven years, they have provided resources in making the Program successful. Thanks Karl, Michele, John, and Ben.

Last but not least I want to thank Blaine Lomen, our Winter Sports School Director.. He has given his total support behind the STARS Program and all of us really appreciate it.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can bring you GREAT news that we will have the snow conditions warranted to have our next STARS clinic.

Until then….. Ski u later,