Friday, January 12, 2018

!st STARS Clinic of the Season

Reminder for our 1st Senior STARS Clinic on Wednesday, January 17th. We will be at the West Resort and the temperature will be in the mid 50’s. 
4-8 inches of new snow has fallen this week and our West Resort is now 100% open. This Wednesday, January 17th should be an epic day!
Make sure you get there by 8:00 am so you can purchase your lesson and lift ticket and meet me in the Big Pines Lodge at the West Resort.

If you have not registered but have a Quick-e ticket or a season pass, please fill out the online form ASAP. This way we will have time to process your information so you can purchase at the online store.

If you have NOT a Season Pass or a Quick-e ticket then you MUST go to the ticket window show your ID and then they will set you up with a Quick-e ticket. 

Once purchased a Quick-e ticket click on this link below and fill out the form and then you will be able to purchase your lesson and lift ticket online.

Once registered with email confirmation you may purchase STAR Clinic online here: log in and then click the Senior STARS  button.

Please RSVP so I can have enough instructors to meet your needs. Thanks to those Seniors who have already RSVP’d!

Additional information for the STARS Program, please call the Winter Sports School at 760-316-7861 or go to:

 Have a great weekend!

 Ski u later,


Monday, January 8, 2018

STARS Clinic Cancelled

Good Morning STARS:

Dues to the warn temperatures and inclement weather we will postpone our 1st STARS Clinic and move it to January 17th. The mountain is closed today and possibly tomorrow as well. We want all Seniors to be safe and have fun so that is why we are moving the clinic to next week.

More information will be going out this week to let you know how things are looking for next clinic.

Have a safe week and enjoy the wet weather we are getting, we sure need it.

Ski u later,


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reminder 1st STARS Clinic


Just a reminder of our Senior Clinic on Wednesday, January 10 at the WEST RESORT!! Don’t forget we will be inside at the Big Pines Lodge at 8:00 am for sign in.  

For those who have attended the clinic last year and have a Quick-E or Express Pass from last year follow the directions below: 

To pre-purchase online registration:
At least 5 days before clinic:
Have your Reloadable Lift Ticket (Express Pass) or 17/18 Season Pass ready
Complete Online Form:                                                                                                                
Once registered with email confirmation you may purchase STAR Clinic online here beginning January 3rd.

We have 14-30 inches of snow at Mt High and looking at making new snow with cooler temps coming our way around January 3rd. So, make sure you bring a smile on your face and remember what group you were in last year to our first clinic on Wednesday, January 10th.

For those who are NEW to the program, you will have to go to the ticket window first and show your ID. At that point, you will be issue a reloadable lift ticket. (Quick-E ticket) Please get to the Big Pines Lodge at 8:00 am

Remember the ski and snowboard groups that you are in are very flexible. If you feel you need to move a little faster we can move you up to that group. Or if you want to move slower, talk with your instructor or myself and we will accommodate you too. We want you to have the BEST experience possible. 

Have a great New Year,


Special thanks to those Seniors who have already RSVP’d.

Ski u soon,