Wednesday, February 1, 2017

STARS Clinic 2-1-17


Another beautiful sunny day at Mountain High with 65 Senior STARS taking part in our 4th Clinic of the season. Snow conditions were excellent; despite moving from the East Resort to the West Resort due to the East Resort lifts were still having some issues. All of us were bussed to the West Resort and had a great time!!

A “BIG THANK YOU” to our Groomers here at Mountain High who keep the runs “Senior Perfect” for us on Wednesdays.

Another thank you to the 8 NEW Senior STARS that participated in our clinic today.

Don’t forget to check out the photos from today at

Our 5th Senior STARS Clinic of the season will be Wednesday, February 8th at the East Resort. There is a chance of snow later on this week, so keep your fingers crossed… okay?

If you have any questions about the Senior STARS Program, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, please RSVP for next Wednesday’s STARS Clinic.

Ski u Wednesday,