Wednesday, February 29, 2012

STARS Clinic 2/29/12


What a beautiful day we had today at the Senior Program STARS clinic. 8 inches of new snow, crystal clear blue skies and 33 Seniors to experience the 9th clinic of the STARS season. With the 33 Seniors today and throughout the past nine weeks we have seen a total of 276 Seniors participate in our STARS program. That is an average of 30.67 Seniors each week.

In our first year we averaged 15 Seniors and in our 2nd year, 22 Seniors. We are averaging 30.67 Seniors this year, so that is an increase of 28 percent from last year.

I want to thank all the Seniors that completed the short survey today. I can see by the responses that the Senior Program STARS purchase several different Mt High products each and every time you visit Mt High. Not only are you coming to the STARS clinics, you are purchasing season passes, bringing friends, sons, daughters and grandchildren to Mt High. Your grandchildren are our next skiers and snowboarders and we THANK YOU for believing in us and making Mt High a great experience for your family and friends.

Here is our group picture from today and also all the other pictures from today's clinic.

Ski ya next Wednesday,