Wednesday, March 30, 2011

STARS 3/30/11

Good Afternoon STARS:

What a day we had today! Beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures and the snow was soft but workable for all our Senior Ski and Snowboarders.
Our largest group ever of 44 Senior STARS came out for our last clinic and from all of the instructors and myself, everyone seemed to have a great time! As I was skiing around to the different groups; there was a lot of skiing and riding today, which means there has been a lot of improvement with YOU Seniors during the 13 weeks of the STARS clinics.

Not only did we have a fabulous time on the snow, but we finished it off with a fantastic luncheon! A lot of photos were taken out on the snow and during the luncheon, so don't forget to go to to check them all out.

The Senior Program STARS has been lots of fun this season. We averaged about 27 Seniors each week and this was an increase of about 26% from last year. WOW!! Everyone should feel very proud of this accomplishment. You STARS are great ambassadors for Mountain High. Please keep up the good work and continue to get the word out for next season.

Don't forget your evaluation of our program. Thanks to the Seniors who have already sent their thoughts to me already.
Please email two responses to me during this next week:

(1) What is one thing that we did very well?

(2) What did not go well or something that we can improve on?

Take a minute to think about it, and please email me your thoughts.

Remember this date, January 4, 2012 we will begin the Senior Program STARS clinic.

Until next season...Have a great summer and we will.... Ski ya later!!