Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Senior Program STARS


Well.... it's that time again that we need to get those skis/snowboards out of the garage or closet and get them tuned for this ski/snowboard season. Don't forget to get your equipment waxed and are ready for our first STARS clinic on January 5, 2011. Yes, it is just a month away! We are again having our Senior Program STARS at Mt High East Resort. We will be meeting at the Angeles Crest Cafe at 9:00 am on January 5th to have our continental breakfast and to get re-acquainted again and hit the slopes around 10:00 am.

All of the Senior Certified Instructors are ready to go and are looking forward in working with you during the 2011 season at the East Resort. If you have any senior friends or relatives that want to be a part of this program, please have them email me and I will include them in our STARS database. This way they will receive all the updated information as we get closer to the first clinic on January 5th.

Ski ya later,